Hi, I'm Jonny Gerber, a serial software builder, and this is my creative outlet.

One of my first programming projects, an addon for a popular computer game, took off with hundreds of thousands of downloads - ever since I've been hooked. Currently my focus is on building applications for virtual reality, but I also continue to build mobile applications both professionally and in my free-time.

All chatter aside, here's a brief selection of some of my more recent freelance work.
For more detailed (and less visual) information, including all of my professional work, check out my resume.


My most recent project is a driving course that is compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. I built it using the Unity game engine (C#), and included support for various controllers including Xbox and even a steering wheel/pedals peripheral.

The Dissonant

The Dissonant is a companion app to my music blog, thedissonant.com. It pulls down articles I've posted about various songs, albums, artists, etc. and displays them in a slick format. Users can listen to the suggested music using whichever services are available for that track, including SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. It also fetches artist data from the Echonest service, and pulls Twitter information about the displayed content. Any post can be added to the user’s favorites or shared via Facebook or Twitter.


Twids is a puzzle game that utilizes the SpriteKit framework. It consists of 81 stages and utilizes the Social framework, and In-App Purchase.

Beat Down's Battleground

Beat Down's Battleground is a superhero comic style dueler/RPG. The user creates a comic book character, and can level it up, add attributes, and learn new abilities. There are quests, boss duels, and player duels as well. The user can also upload a character for a fee and allow anyone to play as it. The app utilizes many frameworks including Game Center, Social, AVFoundation, and StoreKit (In-app purchase).


Using Conversal, the user can speak into his or her device, and the app will translate and speak the text in the destination language, essentially allowing the user to have a conversation with someone that speaks a different language. The user may also type to translate, or take pictures of text and translate it. This app utilizes third-party APIs, URL requests, file downloads, image processing, and a C library.

Wizarding Wars

This app was my introduction to the mobile gaming world. It is a Harry Potter-esque concept where the user can use their phone as a wand and duel each other. It captures the phone\'s movement and matches programmed patterns, and also uses voice recognition to cast the \'spells\'. The game uses Core Motion, StoreKit (In-app purchase), Game Center, and AVFoundation frameworks.


WeightShaker is a game that simulates the Shake Weight. It allows the user to shake their device as if it were the Shake Weight, causing the app to animate accordingly. There are multiple modes that the user can choose, and it also utilizes Game Center.


The iPwn apps are reference apps that allow users to access information about the various bosses in World of Warcraft. The data is stored in a SQLite database. This app was one of the most downloaded apps for this game, and was highly rated.

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