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ClutchVR is a simulator that aims to change the way people learn how to drive. Using a cutting-edge virtual reality device, such as the Oculus Rift, ClutchVR transports users from the living room to the driver's seat.

The virtual car that has been modeled after real cars, using actual laws of physics. In other words, it feels like driving.

Each course gives users a chance to practice a different aspect of driving in a no pressure environment - from the basics of acceleration,braking, and turning, to parking, to hazardous conditions.

All 6 courses will be customizable, including options to change the time of day, transmission type, and amount of traffic.

Current Progress: As of the end of February, the underlying simulation engine has been built, including the code that manages course instructions. Additionally, most of the first course has been completed, and is in an alpha phase. The project works with the Oculus Rift (or without it), and can be used with a keyboard/mouse, an XBox controller, or the Logitech G27 steering wheel peripheral. Check out the demo here!

Schedule: Now that the simulation engine has been built, each course will take roughly one month to complete. Additional customization work and final polish is expected to take 2-3 months - landing the release date sometime this fall. Considering my current progress, I believe this to be a feasible goal - however if unexpected issues arise, rest assured I will communicate any project delays.

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